WIN! WIN! WIN! Argon 18 scores big with a hat trick this past weekend 

Exceptional road and triathlon wins aboard the Gallium Pro and the E-119 Tri+ contribute to a historic weekend for the Canadian brand.

WIN! Omar Fraile of Astana Pro Team takes Stage 14 at the Tour de France on his Gallium Pro

Attacking on the last climb of the day, Omar Fraile flew to an impressive solo victory aboard his Gallium Pro, making it the biggest win of his career in his first-ever Tour de France.

“I’m very happy with this win, it was a dream for me and it’s now reality. The Argon 18 Gallium Pro helped me achieve this result. It gave me confidence in the final; I knew I could trust the bike.” —Omar Fraile (ESP) of Astana Pro Team

Astana Pro Team

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WIN! Magnus Cort Nielsen takes a second consecutive stage win for Astana Pro Team and the Gallium Pro as he sprints to victory on Stage 15 of the Tour de France

Astana Pro Team

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Cort was part of a large breakaway group that got away early in the race. Not only did he manage to make the selection in the toughest climb of the day, but he made it to the lead group and easily outsprinted his opponents to claim the stage victory.

“What a day for our team on the bike! I am beyond happy to take a stage victory at the Tour de France. The bike rode well, and I was able to respond when I needed to as the bike handles well when I accelerate. A good day!” —Magnus Cort Nielsen (DEN), Astana Pro Team

Magnus Cort Nielsen is also racing the Tour de France for the first time in his career which makes this victory even more special.

2 victories in a row at the Tour de France for Argon 18. That’s a first!

We have always said that the Gallium Pro was the consummate road race bike, lightweight and stiff; as comfortable on the toughest climbs as it is super-fast and nimble in bunch sprint finales. If a proof of concept was ever needed, these latest victories should lay any doubts to rest.

WIN! Riding her trusty E-119 Tri+, Heather Jackson claims her second career victory at IRONMAN™ Lake Placid

Heather Jackson

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With a time of 9:18:49, Jackson came in 15 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher winning her second career IRONMAN™ Lake Placid championship Sunday afternoon.

Although Jackson did not break her own IRONMAN™ Lake Placid course record which she set two years ago -she said this was the best IRONMAN race she has run in her professional career, finishing first in all three legs of the race.

 “I felt so strong on my Argon 18 E-119 Tri+ on the Placid course. It’s one of the most challenging IRONMAN courses out there with lots of climbing and some fast, technical descents. I felt like I could just attack the climbs and my Argon 18 responded- it is light and felt like I was climbing on my road bike. I was also able to stay aero on the fast descents and rolling sections helping me ride the fastest bike split of the day.” —Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson

© Photo: Wattie Ink.

Heather Jackson only needed to cross the finish line in Lake Placid to secure her spot for the IRONMAN™ World Championships in Kona, Hawaii that will take place in October. With such an impressive win in Lake Placid she sends a clear signal to her competitors for the upcoming World Championships.

Another IRONMAN™ Victory for the E-119 Tri+

Iconic, category defining, the bike by which all other Tri bikes are measured; these have all been said about the E-119 Tri+. Thanks to Heather Jackson’s input and that from all our professional triathletes who’ve won numerous IRONMAN™ championships, we’ve pushed the boundaries of performance, aerodynamics and technology to create a powerful winning machine. With her win in Lake Placid, Heather Jackson just added another chapter to the already long-winning history of the E-119 Tri+.

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