A Typical Day of Altitude Training with BORA – Argon 18



The "Grande Boucle" starts July 2, in Mont-Saint-Michel. And BORA - Argon 18 will be at starting line.

In preparation for the Tour de France’s mythical and grueling climbs, BORA – Argon 18’s riders went through an intensive 2-week altitude training camp in the Italian Alps. 

During transition and mountain stages, the riders will have the best chances to surprise as a team. They have to be ready to seize opportunities if one or two riders are in the break and get the chance to finish the race ahead of the peloton. 

This is exactly what happened last year when German Champion Emanuel Buchmann’s took 3rd place at the Queen Stage. Let’s hope the riders will be able to cause more of those upsets at this year’s Tour de France. 

Here’s what a typical day of training in altitude looks like.

7:30 AM / Wake-up


8:00 AM / Stretching


8:30 AM / A strong and healthy breakfast

In altitude the body needs about 10% more energy, this means the riders have to eat more carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. This is all provided to them with nutrition. 


10:00 AM / Training ride

Experience has shown professional teams that the optimal height for training in altitude is between 1,600 to 2,200 meters. It’s possible to sleep at higher altitude, but one should not train higher than this. The tough training includes more than 140 km of qualitative riding, steep climbs of altitudes 2,200 meters, descending as a group at more than 100 km per hour, and flat, high-cadenced rides.


4:00 PM / Recovery

Back at camp after their training ride, the riders recover and drink high-energy juice made from pumpkins, carrots, mangos, oranges, ginger and apples. Superfoods are also included in this special blend: pomegranate seeds, curcuma, saffron and linseed oil


7:30 PM / Supper


Watch BORA – Argon 18’s web episode of a typical day at their altitude training camp:


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