A lot of things come into consideration when you want to build a strong and solid team. Here are 15 tips provided by BORA – Argon 18’s Head Sport Director, Enrico Poitschke, and Sport Director, Christian Pömer. 

1. Race program

Decide which riders start at which race, depending on their abilities and shape. 

2. Team meeting

Integrate new riders into the team, check out who hangs out with whom. For example, do workshops. 

3. Team building / Training camp

Continue the bonding process. Create moments and stories to tell.

4. Build trust

This is part of special training sessions. Can you imagine how much trust you need when you have to follow your leader in a crazy bunch sprint? Or when you know that all comes down to one last corner?

5. Work in groups

Force the riders to totally concentrate on some key teammates. For instance, Sam Bennett always rides with Zak Dempster and Rüdiger Selig. This is also done in special training sessions. 

6. Learn from each other

Understand how your teammates accelerate, how they brake, how they corner, how to lead-out, etc. These are all special training sessions. 

7. Care about details

Like in every professional sport, there is not one big secret: the devil is in the details. 

8. Stay in touch

Stay in touch with the riders at all time; be up to date on what they are going through in their personal and professional lives. 

9. Flow

Achieve a feeling of harmonious balance where body and mind work together, as an individual and, most importantly, as a team. 

10. Help each other out

Every body has a role to play and should be prepared to help his teammate out. 

11. Sacrifice oneself for the team

Teach the rider that it’s OK to sacrifice oneself for the team, but also be able to stand up when the time is right. 

12. Everyone has to improve

To improve as unit, every rider needs to get better every day. 

13. Courage

Build the riders fighting spirit. 

14. Fight for your chances

Learn to seize your opportunities. 

15. Team spirit

Lose and win as a team. 


See BORA - Argon 18’s video here.

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