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In the cycling world, some notions die hard. One such persistent idea is that of women-specific frame geometries. In this view, women and men have different physical proportions, and so women require a shorter frame. Our twenty-five-year-plus experience has convinced us, beyond a doubt, that this notion rests on market segmentation data much more than on any factual, rigorous analysis of human morphology.

That said, no one is claiming that there are no physical differences between the two. Quite the contrary and while it may be worthwhile for women to select specific components, such as a special saddle, a narrower handlebar or shorter brake levers, we focus on making the best frames possible for all riders with one standard: excellence.


Photo © : Gophrette Power 

This is why, some years ago, we introduced AFS (Argon Fit System): a truly human specific geometry. AFS is designed to provide riders of all physical dimensions with consistent performance and optimal ergonomics. No matter the rider’s morphology, racing style, his or her positioning will always be efficient and comfortable, ensuring the ultimate in handling. Variants of this geometry may occur for specific purposes, but it remains the reference point for all frame designs.

This geometry fulfills two objectives:

1) To ensure optimized road handling in all frames of every size.

2) To maintain well-balanced ergonomics in all frames of every size.

AFS is based on Gervais Rioux’s long experience both as a racer and bike shop owner: 18 years of road racing and over 2000 bike fitting sessions. This long experience, combined with extensive research and development, has helped us identify the critical parameters and optimize them to create balanced and evenly graduated frame sizes: 6 for our road bikes and 5 for our Tri bikes.

On top of that, we profit from the feedback coming from some of the best female athletes in the world, road racers and triathletes, who put our bikes to the test on an everyday basis. Combining their insightful comments with our craftsmanship and insatiable will to innovate, we design products that fully support women and allow them to achieve their best performances. 


Here’s what some of these best international athletes have to say about our bikes: 

E-119 Tri+

"I LOVE my Argon 18 TT bike. I fell in love with it straight away! I love that the E-119 Tri+ is such a stiff bike - I can feel that I'm going forward in every push. I don't think I have ever felt so comfortable while being that aero at the same time before!" 

- Michelle Vesterby, IRONMAN pro triathlete


Photo ©: James Mitchell Photography 

Gallium Pro

"I feel really good on the Gallium Pro, it is a very well-balanced bike that allows good handling in every situation. Last year, on my first ride on the Gallium Pro, I understood right away how great this bike is. I feel comfortable on it and most of all it is very reliable."

- Arlenis Sierra, Astana Women’s Team


Photo ©: Astana Women's Team

"The Gallium Pro is amazing, it's really a wonderful bike and I enjoy riding it. The first word that comes to my mind to describe the bike is "responsive" as I'm always in full control. I'm very pleased to have a Gallium Pro."

- Sofia Bertizzolo, Astana Women’s Team


"Based on our data collection; from Pro Athletes, to the cycling enthusiast like you and me, we have made it our mission to build better bikes for everyone and this goes beyond the women specific movement. At Argon 18, we strive to build best in class bicycles to provide everyone wanting to ride a bike the opportunity to do so with the best equipment available whatever their riding type." 

- Stephanie Raymond, Sponsorship Manager – Argon 18



Ladies, we’ve got your back!

Happy International Women's Day from Argon 18 team!  


Photo ©: Ian Matteson

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