5 Highlights from Kona 2018


The IRONMAN World Championship. All the year’s preparation leads you to this one unforgiving day in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, where you put it all on the line. So much has been invested by everyone involved from athletes to organizers and sponsors in making this event so special that we believe it deserves recognition, no matter the outcome of the race itself. And since we are more of the glass half-full type, here are 5 highlights from our past week in Kona:

1. Increase in number of E-119 Tri+

Out of the 118 Argon 18 bikes that were checked in for the iconic race, 52 were E-119 Tri+ and that’s something we’re extremely proud of. The IRONMAN World Championship brings to its start line some of the best triathletes in the world and seeing that our E-119 Tri+ is becoming the bike of choice for pros and age groupers is an important validation for us. 35 men and 17 women counted on their trusty E-119 Tri+ to bike from T1 to T2, which goes to show that all the innovations and technology that we packed into this bike enable athletes, men and women, to deliver their best performance.


2. Face-to-face meetings with Argon 18 athletes

Every year we look forward to chatting with Argon 18 athletes (that’s you!) at our service booth in the IRONMAN expo. It’s always a pleasure for us to provide all the support we can for you as you prepare to bike your heart out on Queen K. We love to chat, gather feedback and give tips to help you get the best out of your Argon 18 machine. This year, we saw athletes from all over the world who use their Argon 18 bike in different climates. It’s a great acknowledgment to us that our bikes deliver no matter the conditions. 

“We came to Kona to support all our athletes racing in this iconic event. We serviced over 70 Argon 18 bikes for our athletes in four days at the expo, as well as hosted a celebration event for them. As a company driven by performance, triathlon is part of our core and culture. We take great pride in knowing we’re creating bikes chosen all over the world by athletes who want to maximize their performance output,” says Gervais Rioux, President and Founder, Argon 18.


3. Effort and performance – Age Groupers 

There may only be two official winners of the IRONMAN World Champs (congrats this year to Daniela Ryf and Patrick Lange for their incredible feats!) but when you’re running down Ali’I, eyes set on the finish line, and you run past the final ark as you hear your name called out, that’s a victory in itself! 

We tip our hat to all Argon 18 athletes for their performances and efforts throughout the race.

Congratulations to all Argon 18 age groupers, including: 

• Coeur Sport athletes with a special mention to Hailey Aurora who was in Kona for the 8th time. 


• Team Argon 18 France: 10 qualifiers, 10 finishers! Congratulations to Guillaume Isa Gillodts, Vincent Darcq, JC Holzerny, Stephane Bernard, Fabien Besançon, Edward Tri TIRET, Xavier Philippe, Philippe Robert, Laurie Canac and Héloïse Focquenoy.

• Joel Maley of Canada who came in 2nd Canadian Amateur (4th Canadian Overall including Professionnals) and 1st Military Division

• Olympians Morten Jogersen and Alexander Vinokurov.

4. Efforts and performance – Pros    

In an all-around record-setting day, many physical boundaries were pushed. Heather Jackson also walked away from the big island with a new personal best bike split on this course, with a time of 04:44:45, almost 10 minutes faster than her 2017 split. 


Igor Amorelli also delivered a great effort, giving everything he had on the course.

We salute the strength of Michelle Vesterby who pushed through to the finish line, overcoming numerous race setbacks, showing her true feistiness. 


5. Everyday heroes don’t always wear capes… but they ride Argon 18 ;)

Stepping on the highest step of the Women Overall Age Group Podium, we are very proud of the outstanding performance of United Cycling Ambassador, Janette Dommer. After a perfect Swim (01:03:28), Bike (04:58:36) and Run (03:15:22), our ambassador went on to breaking the World Record of Women’s Age Group (F45-49) with a total time of 09:23:25.


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