IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside, the Season Opener of many firsts

The Season Opener of many firsts

Swimming in the Oceanside Harbor, biking along the California Coastline of sandy beaches and running with a view: IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside. Many firsts will take place during this one-of-a-kind North America season opener as Heather Jackson begins her season in Argon 18 colours and Eric Lagerstrom steps into his first half IRONMAN on his E-119 Tri+


IRONMAN triathlons have no more secrets for powerhouse pro triathlete Heather Jackson. In a few days, she’ll step into the half IRONMAN that triggered her passion for the sport on a pro level, relying on the E-119 Tri+ for the bike leg. 

On various terrain and in different conditions, Argon 18’s bike stood out from the others, primarily for its lightness and responsiveness. Not only is it an aerodynamic and fast bike, but it is super-light and snappy. I also chose Argon 18 because of the team behind these bikes. They’re committed to innovation and development, helping their triathletes and cyclists be the fastest they can be.” –Heather Jackson, Professional Triathlete

On the road to Kona every detail counts, and Pro athletes need the best gear, amongst other things, to prevent injuries and make sure they can enjoy all their season races. The Argon 18 Fit System enabled Heather to select a bike perfectly adapted to her morphology, allowing her positioning to be as comfortable as possible while simultaneously providing optimal ergonomics for maximum aerodynamism. 

We will be keeping an eye on Heather as she shoots for first place at Oceanside and begins her journey to Kona 2018.


For those who never experienced IRONMAN 70.3 triathlons, the pressure and anticipation can be tangible. Eric Lagerstrom chose to face his first half IRONMAN at Oceanside and to trust his E-119 Tri+ for the bike split. As those races can be won or lost in one’s mind, confidence is key. 

I've always loved the E-119 Tri+, and all the Argon 18 TT bikes I've ridden throughout the years as they're the most stable, confident handling TT bikes I've ever ridden. That's important to me, even as a good bike handler, because it means you can put the maximum amount of focus and energy into propelling the bike forward rather than keeping it upright. This year in particular, I'm feeling extremely good on the bike, following a bike fit in the off season that put the focus on power output rather than aerodynamics. I'm still very aero, but the power is coming so much more easily, it's really exciting.” –Eric Lagerstrom, Professional Triathlete


Used to Olympic distance on his reliable Nitrogen Pro, the triathlete also adapted his bike preparation for this event. 

“The biggest thing that changed is that I've ridden a little harder and more evenly on all my long rides this winter. Even when I was riding my gravel bike for 5 hours, I would keep the pace strong and avoid coasting as much as possible. I've also had to incorporate longer intervals like 8-20 minutes as opposed to 3-8 minutes.”

We know this athlete has the potential to ace it at Oceanside and he’ll be one to watch. 


Aerodynamism and weight

For a race like 70.3 Oceanside, the E-119 Tri+ is a winning choice. Often tri bike’s weight is not considered as much as it’s streamline design. When challenging hills are faced though, weight is a key factor that can impact results and muscle fatigue for athletes. Therefore, the E-119 Tri+ is lighter than our E-119 Tri, with no compromise to aerodynamism, making climbs smoother.

Don’t lose your edge

The bike also allows an easy race setup to make sure you don’t lose your aero edge while competing. The tailwind box can be removed, allowing the frame bottle cage to be placed there instead. The bike also comes with aerobar hydration system.

Keep your winning bike close

On top of that, the E-119 Tri+ is travel-friendly! With no complicated hardware and easily removable cockpit and wheels, packing this winning machine is a breeze! You can stay confident and rely on the gear you know to meet international races head-on. With the E-119 Tri+, facing an unknown bike leg is made a little less stressful, so you can concentrate on the rest and elevate your performance!


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