The new Nitrogen Pro 2016: the ace in the hole of BORA - Argon 18 in the Tour de France


The cycle manufacturer Argon 18 unveiled the three official bikes that the BORA – Argon 18 riders will use to compete in the 2015 Tour de France, including the all-new Nitrogen Pro 2016.

On day two of the world's most famous bicycle race, Gervais Rioux and his team presented the three bikes that will be used by the German team competing in the 2015 Tour de France: the Gallium Pro, optimal for the mountainous stages; the E-118 Next, ideal for time trials, and the new Nitrogen Pro 2016.

The Nitrogen Pro 2016: the latest from a lineage of champions

Equipped with a new exclusive aerodynamic monocoque AHB5000 carbon handlebar, the Nitrogen Pro is in fact the improved version of the Nitrogen, a bike that has proven its worth on the international circuit, the perfect ride for cycling at breakneck speeds or to swallow up the kilometres. The manufacturer’s R&D team has conceived the Nitrogen Pro 2016 to offer a level of integration, aerodynamics and lightness that pushes the limits of performance and optimal balance. On the eve of the Tour de France, Argon 18 made sure to provide the best bikes to BORA – Argon 18.

"I’m inclined go very quickly, over 50 km/h. That’s why the Nitrogen Pro 2016 is the perfect bike for me," emphasized Zakkari Dempster, rider for BORA – Argon 18. "Aerodynamics make a huge difference at this speed. Plus, the aero handlebar provides a potential aerodynamic gain of 30%, compared to the standard round handlebars, but without comprising the adjustability. It’s definitely an advantage that can make the difference when you’re trying to achieve the best performance!"

The team of engineers behind the manufacture of the new frame of BORA – Argon 18 and Gervais Rioux, Olympian and founder of Argon 18, are particularly proud to unveil this new and unique model: "We are confident of the results that the Nitrogen Pro 2016 will bring about, because the new frame is lighter and more aero than the first one," adds the president of Argon 18. "And we know that BORA – Argon 18 can count on the Gallium Pro for the stages in the Alps and the Pyrenees, not to mention the E-118 Next, which has already helped Jan Bárta defend his title of national champion and will be a formidable ally in the time trials of the Tour."


Here are the three innovative models that will be adapted to each of the riders:

- The Nitrogen Pro 2016, without question the weapon of choice for BORA – Argon 18, boasts incomparable manoeuvrability and superior aerodynamics thanks to its new exclusive monocoque handlebar. Because of its refined geometry, in line with that of the Gallium Pro, the transition from a pure road bike to an aero road bike is as easy as it is natural.

- The Gallium Pro, an amalgam of traditional time-tested cycling knowledge and cutting-edge technological research. Thanks to its remarkable stiffness to weight ratio, response is even more immediate and handling is razor-sharp. Whether during a sprint or a breakaway, its acceleration is exceptional.

- The E-118 Next, the flagship time-trial bike, has been entirely redesigned to be lighter and more integrated, helping to shave off precious minutes off the riders’ clock.



About Argon 18
The Argon 18 bicycle brand is today present in nearly 70 countries around the world and has a network of retailers across Canada and the United States. The Montreal-based manufacturer finds success year after year thanks to a perpetual desire to innovate and offer the industry’s top-performing high-end bicycles, fully in line with the morphology of each cyclist. A leitmotif that Argon 18 founder and former champion cyclist, Gervais Rioux, has infused into the Canadian company since its inception 25 years ago.



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