ARGON 18 Appoints Tim McCulley as USA Director of Sales


Argon 18, the Montreal based international high-end bicycle company announces the addition of Tim McCulley as USA Director of Sales & Strategies. McCulley replaces Christian Lafrance, who takes the helm of Argon 18’s new subsidiary, Notio Technologies, as Director of Business Development.

The appointment of Tim McCulley is timed with Argon 18’s focused efforts to create a stronger on-ground sales team in the US, with firm goals to support its current dealer network and expand the brand’s reach in America. McCulley joins Argon 18 with a strong sport-focused sales background and profound understanding of the outdoor retail market. McCulley comes to Argon 18 from 2XU apparel where he was Director of Sales.

"My passion in sport and business begins with quality products that will enhance an athlete’s enjoyment and lead to a happier, healthier life. I am honored and excited to be a part of Argon 18's team as they lead the way into the future through development and innovation,” said McCulley.

“We are fully committed to developing bikes of impeccable quality which has led us to be known as one of the world’s top brands. I trust that Tim’s knowledge and experience will help us strengthen our brand in the US market and expand our company’s presence,” explained Gervais Rioux, Founder and President of Argon 18 bikes. “Tim’s addition to the Argon 18 sales force is in-line with our strategy to better support and to get closer to our markets globally,” said Claude LeBlond, Vice-President of Global Sales & Strategies. “Tim’s decorum truly reflects our brand values. His experience and knowledge will greatly support the current growth of our company.” This latest staff addition comes just a short time after the brand showed unprecedented growing numbers in the Ironman World Championships 2017 triathlon bike count and announced a multiyear partnership with Cycling Canada’s road and track teams.

“We remain consistent in our growth across all three categories. In triathlon, our numbers in the Kona bike count continue to increase year after year. At the same time, we remain fully involved at the World Tour level in road cycling. And, as a Canadian company, we are proud to be partnered with Cycling Canada on the track. Our commitment across these categories is driven by our R&D and will continue to drive our company forward,” Rioux added. 

Tim McCully, USA Director of Sales & Strategies

Tim McCully, US Director of Sales

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