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Heather Jackson’s E-119 Tri+ for IRONMAN World Championship

Coming off a dominating victory at Ironman Lake Placid, Heather Jackson is in the final stretch of her IRONMAN World Championship preparation. Jackson, the top US female triathlete has recorded an impressive first season with Argon 18 with numerous victories and podiums on the race courses as well as her wild style and energy. To celebrate Jackson, Argon 18 presented her with the ultimate motivational surprise upon her arrival in Kona, a custom painted E-119 Tri+.

E-119 Tri+

For Women by Women


In collaboration with JoAnn at Crazy Horse Custom Paint, Argon 18 showcases its dedication to supporting women in all aspects of triathlon, from the bike design process through to its sponsorship of inspirational athletes on the racecourse. Crazy Horse, out of Waxhaw, North Carolina, sets high standards in their painting process.  

“Six years ago, I started working with Heather Jackson, creating unique art on her gear: her bicycles, helmets, and wheels. I knew back then she was someone very special. Her journey through triathlon has been a breathtaking adventure and I am so proud to be a part of it. Heather, Wattie Ink and Argon 18 challenged me with their artistic requests. And while Heather gets her rush from seeing how hard she can push herself to athletic excellence, I get my rush from taking intricate designs with wild colours and bringing them to life on her bicycles. The result is artistic and athletic symmetry on wheels. This year Argon 18 has given me an incredible canvas to paint. The sleek, aerodynamic side of the E-119 Tri+ fully displays the bold designs and bright colours of Heather’s paint. I can’t wait to see it all come together on Heather’s 2018 Kona Ironman journey! JoAnn Bortles, Crazy Horse Custom Paint.

E-119 Tri+

E-119 Tri+ Primo Yellow

The objective for all of Argon 18’s custom projects is to create bikes that celebrate an athlete’s personality and integrate graphic interpretations of their world. These personalized bikes are the company’s way of encouraging professional athletes in the training preparation and racing at high-profile events. 

The company’s previous ParticuleR projects utilized extensive special paint technic. As Argon 18 wanted to push the program further, this new project was based more on graphic elements that would highlight the shape of the E-119 Tri+ frame and play with proportions to obtain an even more aggressive look. 

E119 Tri+

Jackson is well-known for her unique look influenced by extreme sports and rock aesthetics. In Argon 18’s book, she is the triathlete who really paved the way for others to express themselves through vibrant graphics, colours and postmodern patterns. Creating a custom bike for Jackson was the perfect opportunity to continue Argon 18’s graphic exploration. 

The Primo Yellow bike design is a true reflection of her personality with all sorts of graphic elements reproduced on the bike from Hawaiian references to personal graphic details like the birds’ illustrations and even her favourite quote, “Live free or die.” All of these have special meaning for her. 

E119 Tri+

As always with ParticuleR projects, the Primo Yellow bike design is very complex. To render it perfectly demanded exceptional craftmanship. JoAnn at Crazy Horse Custom Paint totally delivered as the design came to life on the E-119 Tri+. The Primo Yellow custom bike concept may be wild, but it respects and fully integrates the Argon 18 2019 colour scheme. 

E119 Tri+

ParticuleR Program

ParticuleR is Argon 18’s internal design experimentation program where graphic designers will use their passion for cycling in order to develop new ideas, cutting-edge concepts and explore unique possibilities. Through experimentation, one learns and grows. Therefore, ParticuleR is a playground where creative limits are pushed to influence future designs. All the projects from this lab will be unique. 

While Heather Jackson is now riding her Primo Yellow custom painted frame, the bike is the consumer model E-119 Tri+ which can be found at Argon 18 retailers worldwide


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