Huub Wattbike p/b Vita Coco

British UCI Track Cycling Team based in Derbados, racing worldwide

An Independent British UCI track team, Huub Wattbike started as 4 ambitious riders from Derby with the desire to compete on the world stage. After a breakthrough season where they won World Championships, a World Cup, Commonwealth Games medals and National Titles they are back, bigger and more ambitious than ever. Renowned for their innovative techniques and pragmatic approach, Huub Wattbike aim to go fast and further establish themselves at the top of world cycling.

    Huub Wattbike p/b Vita Coco's bike

    • Disrupters in the track world

      Disrupters in the track world, Huub Wattbike is a British-based UCI Track Cycling Team known for their willingness to challenge accepted standards and demand the highest performance of their equipment, training processes, and themselves. Using Notio, the team tests the aero performance of everything from their bikes to their position on the aerobars – down to their tires and skewers. That data-driven approach has framed decisions around race strategy, training techniques, and of course, choice of equipment. Beginning as a self-funded team, the riders researched every piece of equipment they invested in, and that research originally led them to Argon 18’s Electron Pro.

        Argon 18 x Huub Wattbike

        “We chose Argon 18 foremost because of performance,” says Huub Wattbike’s Dan Bigham. “The aero advantage of the Electron Pro of course, but it was more than that – there’s also the handling, stiffness, and with the integrated bar setup we saw our starts improve a lot. We also like that Argon is keen on R&D, on constantly testing and developing. We like the approach of the company.”

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